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Springfield junction

Springfield Junction - HO American Prototype

Springfield Junction is HO scale (1:87) and uses Digital Command Control (DCC) for the electrics. The size of the layout is 8.6 metres x 2.4 metres. Springfield Junction was established in 1871. We have stepped forward in time and the layout is depicting the period from the mid 1940’s to the late 1960’s. The layout is based on American Prototype and is a farming area located in the mid west of America. The local industries are therefore supportive of the local community, receiving and supplying goods for local farms and industries.

Up in the hills, to the east, is a mining area that also brings employment to the local community. Even though this is a small country town it is located on a busy line where you will see a lot of traffic passing through, travelling both east and west. Occasionally you will see a passenger train stop at Springfield Junction to put down and pickup passengers. The passenger trains also deliver mail and other small goods.

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